About Us


Security Precision Group (SPG) strives to build value-based relationships with businesses and organizations by providing security consulting and management solutions.

We specialize in reducing your businesses susceptibility to disruption, sabotage, and physical and intellectual property theft.

The win-win partnership developed with Security Precision Group will conclude in cost effective and operationally feasible solutions designed to increase life’s most valuable asset (time) and boost your entity’s bottom-line.

Our Story

Security Precision Group’s owner and managing director, Jason Polanco, was nearing the end of his United States Marine Corps career as an inevitable thought entered his mind. What next? Then it hit him! Why not continue doing the same thing?

From the DEA and Hawaii PD to Foreign Military and Foreign Police Forces, he had trained, educated, and advised several organizations all over the world for seventeen years.

Today, Jason Polanco uses his skills and experiences to provide education, quality and value to industries and organizations in need.

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