Anit-Terrorism, Crime and Security

Protect yourself, your assets, personnel and enterprise. Security Precision Group offers formal training and exercises related to anti-terrorism, crime and security.

Active Shooter: Incidents are often unpredictable and evolve quickly. In 2014 the FBI initiated an investigation into active shooter events and concluded, 60% of incidents had ended before police arrived. Active shooter incidents last less than 5 minutes, while the National Sheriff’s Association reports the average police response time is 18 minutes. Your organization’s active shooter incident planning, training, and education will determine the survivability of your staff, employees, and customers.

Improvised Explosive Devices: Criminal organizations, terrorist groups, extremist individuals, and insurgents throughout the world have used bombs, often called improvised explosive devices (IEDs), to try and further their cause.  Landmarks, special events, political leaders, critical infrastructure, transportation systems, and commercial venues are common targets.  So-called “soft targets” are often attacked because they are easily accessible by nature.

Local Threat Brief: What threats are most likely to occur in your local area? Security Precision Group ensures you are preparing for the correct threats in your area. Take the time now to plan on how you will handle a security event should one occur. Learn from other events to inform your plans.

Action Set Matrix: What does your organization do when a the threat level in your area increases? The DoD and government agencies, along with local police departments post bulletins, alerts and advisories related to local and national threats.  An action set matrix details the action your organization should that depending on the expected threat in your area.

Random Anti-Terrorism Matrix (RAM): This matrix assists in making your organization a “hard target”. The RAM is designed to increase your security posture and thwart attacks by disrupting the target selection process.