The security survey a fact-finding and information-gathering process to analyze an organization’s policies, procedures, personnel and physical features.

Regardless of the organization size, a security survey can result in tremendous value. The survey consists of three core activities: Interviewing, Observation, and Research.

Interviewing: Speaking with employees, managers, senior management and executives will provide insight regarding the business operations and allows them to express their concerns. Staff members tend to reveal more information to security consultants as the information gathered will be presented directly to senior management and executives without exposing the source of information or fearing their termination. For instance, employees may affirm the emailing of sensitive information to themselves to work from home.

Observation: Studying the day-to-day operations allows for an outside perspective and assists in identifying capabilities, limitations, and vulnerabilities. During the observation stage, over 1000 aspects are analyzed including building utilities, perimeter fences, barriers, doors, lighting, access control, key/card management, guard force, locking systems, CCTV cameras, intrusion detection systems, landscape, immediate surroundings, fire prevention, environmental and more.

Research: Using the information gathered during the interviews and observation stage, we examine other components of the business such as policies, files, documents, standard operating procedures, organizational charts, reporting procedures, handling of sensitive materials, hiring/termination procedures, onboarding and more.

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